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Settlers III News

New Things - May 19, 1999
Sorry, I haven't updated in a long time. School is preventing me from making timely updates, but I have found enough time yesterday to make an Asian Campaign Walkthru. Click here to access it. Also, my counter was screwed up somehow, but soon I'll restore it to 1,300 if nobody minds.

Version 1.34 - May 11, 1999
Version 1.34 was released yesterday by BlueByte. It fixes some fundamental errors from 1.33 and is a great improvement. To download it, go to the downloads section here.

WoS/S3 Village - May 10, 1999
The results of the World of Settlers poll is out! The new WoS will keep its layout, and there will be four staff members. They need one more, so if you are a Settlers fan and you know good HTML, contact them here.

New S3 Tower Map - May 9, 1999
I made a new map called "Football Field", and you can download it from the map section here. You get to play a football(soccer) "match" in which you mercilessly pillage your enemy's land and resources =P.
Otherwise, there isn't much news...

Turn of Events - May 7, 1999
This is my first update in a long time but there's lots of good news! The World of Settlers will merge with the S3 Village! Click here to vote in their "Decide Page Layout for the Merge" poll. Good luck to S3 Village and WoS!
Also, I have added a new map called Three Isles to the maps section.

Version 1.33 - May 3, 1999
BlueByte has released the new patch for S3 version 1.33 and you can find them in the Downloads section here at the S3 Tower. It has many new features:
1. You can make up to 10 buildings "high priority", which means they will be built before any other.
2. New sounds warn of enemy attacks.
3. The working area functions are improved.
4. A new button allows you to return to the spot you were at before you read a message.
5. All towers/castles can be attacked by two soldiers.
6. The forester does not plant palm trees anymore.
7. Weapons in the barracks are counted towards your total statistics.
8. Catapults are selected when you select a large group of soldiers.
9. Priorities have changed; iron, wood, etc. are distributed more evenly.

Back in Business - May 2, 1999
I'm back and I've added a new singleplayer map called Asian Siege, in which you play as the Asians and you attack a Roman settlement. There are also some new links in the Links section.
Today we welcome our second affiliate, the S3 Goldmine. Go there via the button on the front page or the links page.

Somethings to Say... - April 29, 1999
Okay, there's good news and bad news. The good news: The World of Settlers will be worked on every now and then. I'm also working on a series of maps. The bad news: I won't update this site for 3-7 days, but may be sooner. See you soon!

Goodbye World of Settlers - April 27, 1999
It's a sad event but most sites experience it. The World of Settlers has shut down, for the authors Marcus Rangell and Roberth Lackstrom do not have time to upkeep it. The World of Settlers was a great site, and we will all miss it. The full report can be found here.

Fixed Maps - April 26, 1999
If you downloaded any of the S3 maps, you might notice they were buggy and not exported. I fixed that problem so the maps will perform normally.

New Map - April 25, 1999
I made some new maps yesterday and today: Arena, and Atlantic. If you want to download them, go to the maps section or click here.

Mission CD - April 23, 1999
I got the Mission CD by ordering it and it works great! The level editor has good functions and missions itself are pretty challenging. Tomorrow, I'll start posting new maps. If you would like to submit one, click here.

Fixed Problems - April 21, 1999
If you have been using Netscape prior to today, you may have noticed the images on the index are defunct since they are bitmaps. Explorer didn't have problems but I fixed them into regular text links. When I remake the old bitmaps into gifs, they should show up correctly on Netscape. Thanks to the S3 Village's Emil Hesslow for noticing the bug!

Affiliates - April 20, 1999
We got our first affiliate the Settlers 3 Village! To get there, go to the button on the front page, or the links section. Also, you may notice some of the pages aren't done yet. I plan to get all of them done by the end of this week.

New Race - April 18, 1999
Okay, I'm a little late on this but BlueByte has disclosed the new race: The Amazons.

Settlers III Mission CD - March, 1999
BlueByte released the S3 Mission CD, but I haven't tried it because I can't find it here in the U.S. It features 8 new missions for each race, and 20 single/multi-player maps. There is also a campaign editor feature.

Settlers III Tower - April 15, 1999
The new Settlers III Tower goes online.