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Asian Campaign Walkthru

Level 1. Build your basic construction buildings near the appropriate areas. Once you have enough wood and supplies, build farms, military buildings like weaponsmiths, barracks, etc., toolsmith, and mines. If space runs out, expand your border. While you're at it, the Blues will go first. Lure them into your land and kill their army. Then, take over their land. If everything has gone right, your weaponsmith should be making some weapons right now. Train more soldiers and take over yellow territory with ease.

Level 2. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you defend your borders with the Egyptians well. Get all your soldiers to the border, and build the basic construction and farming buildings. Expand south without restraint, but watch your egyptian border. The egyptians attack early, but they don't seem to fight back when your soldiers attack them. Use this to your advantage, and kill their attacking armies in no time. After your barracks have recruited about 40-50 soldiers, take all Egyptian land (Though only the Asian land is required, this is a more sound strategy because of large-scale Egyptian attacks later on). Then the pirate Asians can be taken quickly, for they do not train soldiers.

Level 3. Easiest level!!!! The text may fool you by enticing you to build a full scale economy, but if you just want to finish this level fast, read on. Gather all your troops and go north. Capture the first Egyptian BigTower and wait. The enemy will come, and destroy their army safe in your own territory gained from the BigTower capture. Then, conquer the remaining towers!

Level 4. Another easy level!!!! Take all your soldiers and capture the northern Egyptian BigTowers and little towers. They will try to recaputure it, and just kill them in your territory gained from the towers. If they don't follow, attack further south; they will eventually follow. Meanwhile, back in your main base, build farms, residences, sawmills, woodcutters, mines, gold smelters, and storage areas. Then, train soldiers. Don't worry about the Egyptians now; They are out of land and resources. Back in your barracks, send new troops to conquer all!

Level 5.Easy level, but takes a LONG time. Build a couple more woodcutters and search the mountain for minerals. Then, when you hoard a lot of wood, build a temple, distillery, mines, smiths, smelters, and storages. Also keep in mind you need farms and stuff. There is a cache of ham, though near the river west of your initial settlement. Upgrade soldiers as soon as possible, and spread south. There will be room for 5 large residences. When you have around 50 soldiers go to the Romans. Take their frontier tower and retreat to your newly gained land. Then, when they follow, destroy their army. Go into their land and start capturing other towers. By now, your barracks should produce a lot of troops if you have enough mines, farms, and fish-huts. After the Romans are gone, go after the Asians. They are no problem at all, considering you have a lot of full-upgraded troops and they have only a handful of troops.

Level 6. Way to Win #1. This way is slow, but easier. Start by building more woodcutters and produce more boards. Build a large residence on the eastern tip of your land, and build farms in the center. Turn off all of your foresters. Build mines when you have enough food, and give some bread to the iron miners. Build the military buildings, and start training soldiers. Upgrading isn't important early on, because you need to defend your borders. For early defense, train about 30 soldiers. Now clear the forest south and build a small tower to extend your empire south-west on the tiny strip of land. On that land, build fish-hut, and start upgrading. Build small temple on original base, and make sure you have enough bread and fish to go around. After a while, send 10 swordsmen and go to the Egyptians. Kill their entire northern frontier, and retreat when they counter-attack. The AI playing for the Egyptians are not as good as the one playing for the Romans, and take advantage of that. Destroy the entire Egyptian empire soon. Back in your base, expand territory all the way to the border of the Romans. As long as you not reveal yourself to the Romans early on, they won't attack often. Now near the Romans, build a castle, several big towers, and several small towers. Load them with archers. Also, extend your land to the newly captured egyptian territory, and start building large residences. About 4 will do. Also, mine the land for more minerals, and build farms. From now on, play a game of attrition. The Romans will stop building soldiers when they have around 290, and to beat them, you need more than that. After you have 250 fully-upgraded swordsmen and spearmen, build 100 more archers. Attack quickly, and your archers will make sure their army won't scratch your swordsmen and spearmen one bit. After the Roman army is destroyed, take their land to win!
Way to Win #2. Get lots of wood and build one large residence, and shipyard and shipbuilder's. Then, build two trade ships and two transport ships. Take about 50 pioneers and some tools to the new land, and start building farms and landing docks. At your main island, build military buildings like barracks, etc. Blow up all your towers in your main land to retrieve soldiers. Then build mines, and ship in food from your farm island. After you have lots of soldiers, take Egyptians and then the Romans.

Level 7. Quick, easy, unscathed victory. Build more woodcutters! You need lots of boards to build large residences, and upgrade soldiers quickly. Expand north and south, and build 2 grain farms where your existing farm is. Then build pig farms, etc. The enemies NEVER build soldiers in this level, and they do stupid things. They will march their troops into your territory, and never attack, and you can kill them easily. After you have 30 new troops, conquer the Roman castle and go north to take the Egyptian towers.

Level 8. Slow, easy, unscathed victory. I won it with only 11 casualties, so you can expect an easy win. Remember: The Egyptians never build troops, and the Romans only build around 30. If you never tried a cannon before, do it here. The enemies will do stupid things again here. Watch for Roman and Egyptian spies, and guard your northern border closely. Your opponents will just march their respective armies in, and you can just kill them off easily since they don't fight back. Egyptians will send a few dozen spies, and watch for it. Each suspicious settler should be followed by your army, and killed if it is a spy. Build quickly! 5-7 more woodcutters, 3 foresters, followed by 6 big residences. Develop your army quickly, shut off the toolsmith to save iron and coal, build cannon halls near the Egyptian frontier and the Roman frontier. Upgrade soldiers, and build fisher-hut near the fisherman in the east. Build lots of storage areas to store gold, and build sulfur mines. Make loads of gunpowder, and build about 5 cannons. Destroy the Egyptians first. Wreck their towers with your cannons and soldiers, and work your way to the Romans on the other side. Then, with your entire army, attack the Romans, and destroy their empire. You probably will win it with 200 battle-wins and less than 15 casualties.