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S3 Maps

Football(Soccer) Field - Singleplayer - S3
It's football to everybody else and soccer to the Americans, but I made a map called Football Field, where you are a Roman Football "Team" and your goal is to capture your powerful Egyptian opponents' goal. Click here to download.

Three Isles - Singleplayer - S3 Tower
Your tiny Roman settlement must square off against a powerful Roman and Egyptian team on this small map. What's more, there are no minerals in your island, and you must make a new colony on the northern island. Click here to download.

Asian Siege - Singleplayer - S3 Tower
In this map, you play as an attacking Asian army equipped with cannons, and you must conquer the Roman fortress. Develop your army carefully to win. Click here to download.

Arena - Multiplayer - S3 Tower
This is my first map. It has no gif image yet but basically, this multi-player map pits two people against each other. Each person has 3 linked pods filled with resources, and the only way to the other person's lands is a land path. Click here to download.

Atlantic - Multiplayer - S3 Tower
This is a map of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding lands. This 2vs2 map locates a team in North and South America, and a team in Europe and Africa. It gets a little agoraphobic in the north! Click here to download.