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Roman Campaign Walkthru

Level 1. Definitely not the easiest level. To start off, build a woodcutter's hut and foresters' near the forest in the corner of your colony. A sawmill to the northwest and a small residence to the northeast should do. Also, the quarry in the northwest is a good spot for a stonecutters'. Expand to the north and to the west, so you will have access to stones and minerals. After those buildings are built, hire geologists to search for coal and iron. Build mines and smithies, etc. The next expansion should be located near the north because it will give you access to the river. Build grain farms, bread production facilities, pig farms, etc. near the stream. Always make sure you have enough soldiers near the border because the Blue Romans are very aggressive and will attack early in the game. Once you destroy their army, conquer their land!

Level 2. Easy level. To launch this scenario, start by building an iron smelters, barracks, etc. Then, in your northwestern outpost, expand territory and build woodcutters, stonecutters, sawmills, so you can continue building there. On your main isle, build a shipyard and landing dock so you can transport soldiers and tools to the outpost. Also build a small temple and winery on the main isle to promote the soldiers. Multiple grain farms and pigfarms will be necessary to continue the mining operations. After about 60 soldiers are transported to the outpost, gnaw away at the yellow romans' territory. They can be easily fought and their gold supplies will be needed. When yellow is squashed, go up to the blues and they can be killed easily because they only build a couple of soldiers.

Level 3. Not very hard, but it takes a long time. Start by building ships, ironsmelters, weaponsmithies, barracks, etc. Then, on the outpost, start building construction industry places, like woodcutters', etc. Since there is plenty of room in the outpost, you can expand and build more. The mountains near the outpost are rich in coal and resources, so you may think about building some mines. Back on the main island, build about 10 ships and 100 soldiers. Transport all of them to the Egyptian colony north of the outpost and start conquering. The egyptians will also make a lot of progress in soldiers, so attack carefully. Lure them out of their territory so the battle will be even. They will also have priests, so look out. Kill the priests with archers and continue advancing with your foot soldiers. After the Egyptians have been killed, transport your troops to the yellow Roman lands and you'll destroy them easily.

Level 4. Moderately easy, and you will need to do everything swiftly. A tip for this level: do not expand to far north or the Egyptians and the Blue Romans will send their soldiers. To start, build two woodcutters' and foresters near your original production facilities. They will help a lot when it comes to building mines and other buildings. Then, build a small temple and a winery to promote. Remember that the mountain range to the east and to the west of you contains coal, iron and gold in large amounts. Exploit those resources and build weaponsmithies, barracks, etc. The food will also be a problem. Build a lot of fisheries and divert fish to every mine. When the fish are all gone, blow the fishery up and relocate it. This will save you space for residences and other vital buildings. After all of this is complete, split up the forces and put half of your army in your own territory to guard against the blue and another half to fight against the Egyptians. Since the Egyptians have a lot of soldiers, advance cautiously and don't waste your soldiers needlessly. Surround them and trap them so they can't move away to retreat. After the Egyptians are destroyed, dispatch your entire army to attack the Blue Romans. Since they have a lot of top-notch promoted soldiers, make sure you have more soldiers or a lot of promoted soldiers. After that, they aren't hard to beat.

Level 5. Very easy. You can take your time on this one. Level 5 is the first gold-gathering level. The objective is to prevent an Asian island from gathering 70 bars of gold. To begin, build military production centers and residences. A shipyard will also be beneficial. After all of this is completed, use your pioneers to take the entire island. Build mines, too and fisheries to support them for a while. More pioneers would be required to settle the northwest island and to jumpstart the food industry. In the northwest isle, there are enough tools, so you can relax for a while. Build sawmills, woodcutters, etc. in your colony and also wheat farms and bakeries and mills and landing docks to ship bread. Back in your main base, you should construct merchant and transport ships. Connect your main base and your outpost with merchant routes so you can feed miners with bread. When you have 60-something soldiers and 10 ships, start attacking the island above you. The initial attack will be gory for your side unless you have gold. After that isle is conquered, you have to destroy the one above it. They are the most likely isle to smelt 70 gold bars, so you have to act fast against them. Conquer the first tower you see in the northern half (don't conquer the southern half yet because it is well defended). Then, when the core of their army arrives, destroy them with ease. The third isle after this one will be no problem at all if you have more than 50 soldiers attacking it.

Level 6. Very easy. You can finish it in about 20 minutes. In this scenario, your two outposts aren't a major factor in victory. Since your main base already has farms, resource centers, and ironworks, you can almost ignore construction, besides wineries, small temples, and residences. Within 5 minutes, you will have enough food for a long time. Start building ships to transport troops and spies. After you have a lot of ships a lot of troops, transport them simultaneously to the southeastern corner of the Egyptian colony. If you conquer the southeastern portion very quickly, you will be able to permanently cripple their soldier-production effort. When you capture the tower in the southeast corner, don't advance further until reinforcements arrive, after that you can destroy the Egyptians very easily.

Level 7. Extremely easy level. All you need to do is to summon all of the soldiers you possess and march them into the Egyptians' peninsula. Conquer the castle and the Large tower, so you will have space. Once the Egyptians begin to import troops, retreat and wait for them to follow. They will make for quick slaughter. Then, capture the small towers and you will win!

Level 8. Extremely easy level. The first goal you have in mind should be the destruction of the Asian barracks. To start off, get your entire army and station them near the Asian border. Build farms and food production facilities and then go back to the border. By then, there would probably be several Asian troops recklessly marching into your territory. Kill 'em off and counterattack. The first castle you encounter will be no obstacle and also aim to capture the Large tower near it. Watch for a large chunk of the Asian army to try to recapture the fortresses. Mow 'em down quickly while sending a few troops to capture the small tower behind the Large one. This way, you will cut the Asian empire in two. After this is accomplished, start capturing towers and when the Asians attack, retreat and destroy them in the comfort of your own lands. While it may seem you have made away with the military of Tsu Tang, he has a practically endless supply of fresh troops. Those shouldn't pose much of a threat because by the capture'n'retreat method, you can quickly do away with their futile resistence and sometimes foolish expeditions. Once you blow up the barracks, you can rest for a while and wait for your barracks to make more troops for the front line. After you capture all of the towers, you'll win the Campaign!